Kira - vocals, rhythm/lead guitar, harmonica;
Zhenya - acoustic guitar;
Russ - rhythm/lead guitar;
Ashot - bass;
Gregg - drums.
Kirill Kronrod ("Kira"):
Kirill Kronrod Nothing special about me, really. Just an average guy who likes music. I came to the US in 1992 from Moscow, Russia. Finished community college here, then San Francisco State (both undergrad and MBA). For the last few years I've been working in BEA Systems, Hitachi, Symantec (web stuff). Main interest, besides music, is hockey.

1996 Warlock USA
1983 Warlock NJ

All guitar repair/setup work is done by my good friend Mike Gold (THE best guitar setup and repair in San Jose!)

Eugene Nudelman ("Zhenya"):
Zhenya Nudelman Zhenya is a tallented guitarist. His acoustic guitar and awesome fingerpicking style are very important for our sound, as they bring a touch of Russian folk/bard tradition to our music. He first came to Canada (so he's technically Russian-Canadian-American) from Omsk, Russia. Now he lives in Mountain View. Zhenya has recently earned a PhD from Stanford University, computer science (Artificial Intelligence research) and is currently working in Google.

Russ Golden :
Russ Golden Russ is amazing... He picked guitar at the age of 14, but it's not just years of experience - it's his big heart that matters most. His taste in playing guitar (and sense of what to play and where) is incredible. He can let the notes pour when needed or be very conservative and hold back when it fits the song best. Besides being a skillful guitarist, Russ has a great personality... it's a blast to have Russ with us!

Guitars: Fenders, Gibsons, Ibaneze... I guess Russ is open to a "signature guitar" contract :)

Ashot Mnjoyan:
Ashot Mnjoyan Ashot... which in Armenian means "respect." Not really :) But it might as well be. Coming to the US from Armenia, Ashot has thirty eight years of playing bass behind his shoulders and seven years playing violin before that. He has a family with four kids, and a granddaughter. His professional accomplishments include studio recordings, work on TV, and numerous tours throughout ex-Soviet Union, Europe and Africa. All that being said, he's a real, down-to-earth guy... an amazing musician and a great friend.

Ashot is teaching bass and guitar... check out his bass lessons page.

Gregg Sumwalt:
Gregg SumwaltLast but not the least... Gregg is "keeping time" around here. He's an awesome drummer (playing drums for over 20 years), with incredible feel as to when to "rock da house", and when to hold back and let the other instruments be up-front in the mix. Gregg is a very funny and intelligent guy, just a great guy to be around. Gregg's day job is in Apple where he works with sound-recording software.

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