30DaysOut, a Russian-American rock band from Campbell, California welcomes you to our site...

  • Mixing/Mastering "Life in a Rearview Mirror" with Nathan Allen @ Last Drop Mastering, San Francisco
  • A new song... My Life
  • Playing at the Quarter Note club on Saturday, August 14th - the show starting 9pm. Conver charge $8. Come on over! :)
  • Finished mixing "Cold Summer". An instrumental fitting the weather/mood around the Bay Area these days...
  • New song, "The Last Ride"
  • A country tune, "Farmville, USA" :)
  • Our April 3rd show at the Quarter Notw is cancelled due to schedule conflict... but we're planning on playing soon!
  • We have played live at the Quarter Note club on Saturday, January 16th, 2010. Thank you for coming out to the show!! Special thanks to Sasha Tumko for the great photos!!
  • yet another new song, "Sworn" - and "Sworn" video!
  • Another new song, "I Believe" - and "I Believe" video!
  • Welcoming to the band Russ Golden
  • Starting to take guitar lessons from Alex Puzyna... really fun and intertaining way to sharpen my guitar skills :)
  • Ashot is offering bass session recording services
  • A new song, "Heroes"... we'll be recording that shortly.
  • We're playing Russian Rock Festival in San Francisco, SHTOPOR 2008 The show will be at 12 Galaxies club, from 5pm till midnight -- and will feature 8 bands from all over the US. Please come see us on Saturday, July 26th!!
  • Ashot Mnjoyan is recruiting students for his bass lessons san jose class for the upcoming season
  • "Dream" mix is available at our MySpace page
  • For bands that need to create stage plan, you can download band stage plan Photoshop template
  • Also, if someone needs to create a band rech rider, feel free to download an MS Excel template

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at rockin@30DaysOut.com
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