Band Stage Plan Template (aka Stage Plot)

Stage Plan for Rock Bands

Developing perfect stage plan (aka stage plot) for the show

Many clubs in our area are requesting band rider and band stage plan. I recently had to provide a detailed plan for a show, and it was a pain to come up with the good stage plan. I've tried to find a plan I could re-use for our band but couldn't find anything good I could copy.

Then I decided to create a stage plan template from scratch and used Adobe Photoshop to create psd file in order to edit individual layers and move elements around the stage

  •  Download stage plan template
  •  Open it in Adobe Photoshop for editing
  •  Use existing layers to edit the elements:
    •  band name
    •  move the instruments
    •  change musicians' position
    •  hide layers to remove the instruments or musicians from the stage plan
  •  Save your band's stage plan:
    •  As a .psd file so that you can modify the layers
    •  "Save As" a .gif image to post it on the site or import to Band Rider in Excel
  •  You can use created band stage plan in the Band Tech Rider
Sample Stage Plan


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